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“Fantastic Results In a Very Short Period Of Time…..”


“Since Mediamine took over the website and recently the digital marketing for Dave Benson Caravans, I’ve been extremely happy with the results.

Dave from Mediamine, is great at getting involved with the business and seeing opportunities to improve performance.

Our website visitors have grown rapidly, they’ve been more qualified and as a result our leads and sales have grown rapidly too.

I’d certainly be more than happy to recommend Mediamine and Dave to any business who wants to get better results”


Dave Benson

Mediamine built a new custom website for Dave Benson caravans.

The website look feel and user experience was put together in a modern design package and presented to the client.

Once the design was approved the complete design package and all assets were than given to the developers to build the website.

Mediamine worked with Dave Benson Caravans and various feed partners to construct a caravan stock feed so that the inventory could be fed to any external classified site as well as to the website from a single point of entry, saving the business a great deal of time and ensuring consistent presentation.

Mediamine have worked with the business to increase customer numbers, revenue and profit across all business units and have achieved fantastic results whilst also reduce the overall marketing spend.

In addition to handling all digital media, Mediamine also provides graphic design services, database marketing, content marketing, Video services and other initiatives.

Dave Benson Caravans has enjoyed triple digit traffic growth since Mediamine took over their marketing.




Triumph Rover Spares are the largest Land Rover, Range Rover & Jaguar dismantler in the world.

Mediamine were commissioned to design and build a new website for the business.



“To Say I’m delighted with the service and the website Mediamine delivered is an understatement.”

I wanted something that represented the size and sophistication of our business and that made it easy for our customers to find what they are looking for.

The products are very well presented the custom search options are great and our team find updating our products very easy.

I would recommend Mediamine to anyone wanting great results.

Ian Wilson

Triumph Rover Spares

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