Generating Great Results For Adelaide Companies

Making Your Website Easier To Find

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation should be an integral part of any website build. Your website needs to be set up correctly so that it has the best possible chance of ranking well on search engines, particularly on Google.

A Solid Optimised Foundation

So when we build a website we provide a structured framework to get you going, making sure you have a solid foundation on which to build. Then we provide a range of services to help you grow.

No Short cuts Or Tricks

There are two very important things to bear in mind.

  • Firstly, Google wants to deliver the most relevant and useful answer to any search query, along with the best user experience.
  • Secondly, any attempts to cheat the system to gain better rankings, will ultimately end in disaster.

Want to know how your website ranks, compared to your competitors?

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So What should You Focus On?

These are some of the things you should focus on in order to be more relevant –

  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • When people are searching for the service you provide, what are the things they want to know?
  • Does your website provide genuinely useful information?
  • Is your content easy to read and follow?
  • Is your website fast and easy to use on all devices?
  • Are you providing better information and a better experience than your competitors?

“Adelaide Trailer Sales was a new business venture for me and I needed someone to help me launch the business online so that I could generate sales quickly. David from Mediamine was the perfect person to work with. Since launching my website the number of people visiting it has continued to grow. David has done a great job of setting up my website and has produced great results for me through Google Adwords, Youtube advertising, Facebook and TV. The sales we are getting are way above what I expected to be doing at this stage”.

Andrew Overmeyer
Adelaide Trailer Sales

Other Ranking Factors

There are over 200 documented ranking factors that it is widely considered are taken into account by Google. The popularity of your business is certainly one of them.

Popularity & Google Ranking

Having active and informative social accounts is very important. If your content is shared and you gain social references, this will have a positive effect on your ranking.

Provide answers to peoples problems/questions as you would if you were face to face.

Are You Serious About Getting More Customers To You Website?

Once your website is built and launched – you have taken the first steps towards growing your business.

But marketing doesn’t stop once your website is built and live online.

Better Rankings = More Enquiries = More Sales

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and advertising are important if you want to grow your rankings, attract more customers and most importantly make more sales.

If you don’t appear online where your potential customers are looking you are going to lose out, and a competitor will snap up those clients.

Don’t Forget Your Existing Customers

Your existing customers may well be searching online for services you provide, that they are not aware of.

So ranking well in search engine results pages can help you keep your own customers from buying from a competitor and prevent you losing them all together.